At the start of his career, FLEM, also known as Maikel Flemminks, began working as a light engineer at the famous club Studio 80. Before this he had a different career in music: playing guitar and touring with various bands. But when Maikel grew older, he started clubbing, felt the energie of house music and was sold.

After years of playing guitar music he made the switch and in 2011 he started playing house music as a dj.
It all started when he did a b2b session with Ille Bitch at a student party, where he had a fantastic time and wanted to go on.
His coolest gig was at his home-base, Studio 80. At the party WKND he did a majestic opening of 2,5 hours - in which nobody is better. Another one to remember is the one where Rebel bookings was invited to host the second area at Hal 16, where Ben Sims was invited in the main area.
His style of music is best to describe as house with big influences of disco and hip-hop, but a genre is just a genre. FLEM doesn’t like to be locked up in one, so he plays what suits the evening best.
In the future, FLEM likes to make a lot of music and do many gigs, for thats what he likes best.
Don’t worry too much about the future.

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